Community Development

About the Programme:

Community is at the forefront of all thoughts of Generation Rhondda. We listen to and develop ideas to create programmes that are designed and ran for Rhondda people by Rhondda people. we have developed and supported charities and groups. our aim is to create a network between people and organisations to create a closer and more diverse Rhondda. By connecting people to our work, it allows us to reach people on the cusp of society.

At Generation Rhondda we are keen to help other organisations around us, we do this by introducing partners with funders, worked in close partnership on projects helped develop new projects and approaches to community work. We have also helped others in the third sector when creating legal organisations to talk about community involvement and help link up volunteers with opportunities.

Generation Rhondda looks to empower people and groups to make generational change in their community, we aim to do this by highlighting grass roots issues, and create partnerships with the public, third and private sector to make change possible.

What can we do for you:

  • Help develop ideas into funded projects.
  • Link up with local programmes.
  • Identify underlying issues. 

What can we do for your group?

  • Help get the group constituted.
  • Help with funding sources.
  • Create partnerships with organisations from across the UK.
  • Deliver our projects in your venue.


“I have collaborated with the team at People and Work over the last year and together, we have worked with International Student Families who are subject to No Recourse to Public Funds. They have helped in my campaign for Free School Meals for the families by helping to support the students and their dependants.

The team have attended events along with other agencies such as Citizens Advice, Interlink and Churches, to provide a CV and job search support. The team have been involved in meeting with politicians and as Foodbank, along with our other trusted partners, we value their contribution to helping those in need and influencing social justice change.”


James also helps me out anytime I am stuck, he is always at the end of the phone. So for the after school club if I have been called away at the last minute I can call him up and he will take my place and the club still goes ahead, so if they going to dodgeball he will take the kids to dodgeball.  There are other staff I could call but with James there is the advantage that he's got Tom and Ethan two  and they could do the coding.  So there are more people who can help if I call James.

Primary school teacher
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